Frequently asked questions you might have for Skiathos Villa Jasmin.

Any question asked from you we give an answer so you can have a clear perspective about us and the villa Apartments

Does the villa and the apartment offer free WIFI?

Yes, we offer free  fast  50 mpbs WIFI  available everywhere in and out of the villa .

Do you accept yang children ?

Yes ! The villa is specially designed for families , safe and we offer free canoes SUP , pedals and rides in our Water Sports centre

Do you offer special All inclusive packages ?

Yes ! we offer a large verity of special packages with can include : Accommodation + car rental , motorbike rental , boat rental , bike , watersports , waterskiing , wakeboard , sea transfer  e.t.c

What travel documents i need to have with me ?

Your passport for sure ! and your licence if you are planning to rent a car or motorbike .

Does the villa offer port /airport transfer ?

Yes ! that can be arranged if you wish .Normally we offer a special price that include car hire , so your car will wait upon your arrival . The only documents you will need to take the car will be the licence and the credit card . Nothing else . If you have lots of baggage we come with our pick up and carry the extra luggage .

Do you offer Car , Motorbike ,Bicycle rental service ?

Yes ! We cooperate with a local company renting new and reliable cars and bikes .We never had any complain about the car they booked .

How far is the villa form the beach ?

The nearest beach is 1 km. The beach of Agia paraskevi  is one of the most beautiful beaches in Skiathos , with gold soft sand and lovely tyrquaz waters

How far is from the port and airport ?

The villa is 6 km from the airport and 5 km from the main port of Skiathos

Do you allowed smoking in the villa or the apartment ?

No , As a non smoking family we hate when we visit a hotel an the curtains and all the interiors  smell tabako . We try to keep it fresh and perfectly clean !

How far is the nearest restaurant ?

The nearest restaurant i 300 meters away . The Calma restaurant offers great food . On the same road you will find other restaurants ,pizza restaurants , Grill restaurants and more .No , As a non smoking family we hate when we visit a hotel an the curtains and all the interiors  smell tabako . We try to keep it fresh and perfectly clean !

Do you have a pool ?

No we don’t have a pool but you can use the extra large pool just 300 meters away for the Calma restaurant , and the Ariadni studios . The Ariadni studios ( our cousins ) offer a extra big pool , that most of our customers love . There is also and a pool bar

What is your Payment & Cancellation Policy?

How we can get to Skiathos from Athens airport ?

After you land to Athens you have the folowing two options:
1. Take another flight to Skiathos via OR

2.Take a taxi to KTEL ( National Express for Greece ) o n the folowing link
From there you will have the option to book your Bus and Ferry to Skiathos

You have to Option to go from Mantoudi wich is much shorter trip to Skiathos . For more inforamtion check the link below


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