Three Bedroom Villa-Apartment Jasmin

Three-bedroom Villa-Apartment Jasmin

The Three-Bedroom Villa

The three-bedroom Villa was our dream house. We build it exactly how we like to stay in our dream house ! and what is our dream house? we love to tell you all about it :Three Bedroom Villa-Apartment Jasmin

The three-bedroom Villa was built on two levels. The first level you have a spacious open floor with a huge kitchen, dining table for 6, three couches, one the sitter, one-two sitter and one opposite the other ones for two people to sit next to the fireplace and TV set.

Our beautiful circular staircase, hand made from my father Stavros is a piece of art in the house taking you on the upper floor where all the bedrooms are together with the main extra large bathroom.

All our regular customers call our three-bedroom villa “My house” and we love it, we love hearing that, and we try every year more and more to improve small things for perfect vacations in Skiathos

What the house include 

  • Large Kitchen 
  • Large dinner table
  • three couches and fireplace
  • Two bathrooms on each level
  • Three separate bedrooms
  • Extra-large furnished balcony 

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Discovering the Three Bedroom Villa-Apartment Jasmin

The Villa is a discrete, intimate hideaway in the heart of the island of Skiathos surrounded by nature! Nestled amongst platan trees in a peaceful and tranquil environment 

The Three bedroom Villa and the Two Bedroom Apartment is the ideal choice for those seeking an exclusive enclave of serenity and comfort. The three-bedroom house and the two-bedroom ApartmentApartment is luxuriously appointed in exceptionally themed interiors providing every guest with an opportunity to choose the setting best suited to one’s individual preference or planned family holiday style.

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Luxury Bedrooms

Three Bedroom Villa-Apartment Jasmin
main bedroom