Top 10 best things to do in Skiathos

Top 10 best things to do in Skiathos. Find out what we love you to experience

Have ever wonder what is the Top 10 best things to do in Skiathos? If you visiting for the first time or you are a repeater we are sure you will find interesting the flowing article

When my family and I visit a new place we love to know what is the best ten things we must try to see and do, so we will remember the area and have the most beautiful memories.

Let me tell you all about Skiathos, and what you can do so you will fall in love, and you will become another happy repeater calling Skiathos ‘my home.’

Ten basic suggestions we think you will also love 

Suggestion 1 ? Book great accommodation!!! ?

Suitable accommodation, you MUST have excellent accommodation!

Don’t go for the cheapest as you will suffer at nights, and if you don’t have a good night sleep then forget it, you will not see and feel the magic Skiathos Island has to offer.  

Choose carefully, contact the owners, read the reviews, spend some time there looking for suitable accommodation.

 I recommend NOT to choose big hotels unless you like to be surrounded by hundreds of people all day.

Or you would love your Instagram photos to have the location tag of a five ????? luxurious hotel paying all this money you could use for activities and delicious food around Skiathos.

On the other hand, you might love hotels, that’s perfectly fine. In that case, we recommend Kassandra Bay Hotel, close to Skiathos town, owned and run by a family.

Suggestion 2 ? You must see all the beaches!! ?

Skiathos blessed with beaches, a small island with 64 sandy beaches ready to explore and discover your paradise. Souther side has the busiest beaches, north side because of the wind has less active beaches.

We are sure you will find the perfect beach for you.

How to see all the beaches and what we recommend? 

You can rent a boat by your selves is safe, and you don’t need a licence. Plan the day get in touch with us, and we will do our best for you to have the best day of your life.

If you don’t want to rent a boat by your selves, you can book a day trip with a driver to Lalaria for example with one of our speed boats. Our customers staying in Skiathos Villa Jasmin get an exclusive discount off course.

You can also take in the morning one of the traditional Kaikis from the old port of Skiathos the start every morning around 9:00 am to different destinations depending on the wind.


Top 10 best things to do in Skiathos

Suggestion 3 ? Eat amazing greek food !!!!!!?

There are hundreds of restaurants !! There no way to be so lucky and find them alone, take our advice!!!

We love good food, and we hate when people to respect the delicious fist ingredients mother nature offers in Greece 

We visited Barcelona this year, and we starved !!! Why? No one told us where and what to eat . We discover the last few days couple of beautiful restaurants, but it was very late.

So where to eat?

I can list below quite a few restaurants for you to eat, but we designed especially for that reason the restaurants we believe are the best.

Visit Skiathos Restaurants Web Site and find your favourite restaurant Skiathos.

Suggestion 4 ? Visit the Monastery and Kastro the first city in Skiathos ⛪

Rent a Car, Jeep preferably. We have special offers for our guests for car rental.

Rent a car for a day and explore the Monastery of Skiathos and the pine forests in the heart of Skiathos. Northside Beaches and hills with the spectacular views to the islands of Tsougria, Arkos, Skopelos and Pilion – mainland 

traditional fountain in Skiathos

Rule 5 ? Visit Tsougria and Arkos beach ?

We offer amazing Skiathos boat trips with a driver. Please take the opportunity and take that trip with us. 

? If you book for one week at house villa Jasmin in May or June you that trip for free !!!! ( Just mentioned that on the email when you book so, we can mark it in our calendar)

Rule 6 ? Walk the Kehria path to the north side 

Start early in the morning and smell the nature, you will reborn !!

Across Skiathos Villa Jasmin the path starts for Kehria, amazing forests and running water springs you will love it !!

Kehria path in the heart of Skiathos

Rule 7 ? Have an early coffee in the old port of Skiathos

One thing we enjoy in the early morning is the coffee in bourtzi peninsula and the old harbour.

Feel the Magic of the historical place overlooking Skiathos town, Plakes and the islands of Tsougria, Maragos and Arkos.

After you finish your coffee take a walk to plakes. 

You walk across the old Harbor, up in the traditional steps with ‘maxilares’ cafe and then ask and explore your what to Plakes. 

Rule 8 ? Visit Skiathos Dog Selter and walk a dog 

Visit their Facebook page Skiathos Dog Shelter and book the day and time to walk one of the dogs in the shelter. 

And if you are into cats, then contact Skiathos Cat Welfare Association

Rule 9 ? Let us book for your day sailing Mamma Mia trip

We recommend two sailing companies in Skiathos for a great day visiting Skopelos and Mammamia beaches. The Sea Star Sailing Yahgt and Captain George with the Evdora Sailing in Skiathos 

Rule 10 ? Learn to Waterski or Wakeboard and rent a boat for a day

Learn to waterski or wakeboard, Stefanos can teach you easily !!

Don’t miss it! We offer a large variety of watersports and activities in our Watersports centre on Vassilias beach 

Rent a boat for a day, and we give you full tuition and id are fun. Contact us for more information we will be delighted to provide you with all the details 

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